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29.12.2020 Puro News

As this difficult year slowly comes to an end, we can finally see the light on the horizon. The victory of light over darkness is a celebrated gift from Mother Nature. Make sure you too celebrate it with your loved ones, feeding your body and senses while drawing strength from love, peace, and gratitude. 

While you busy yourself with New Year’s Eve preparations - wrapped in the smell of pine and holiday baking - please accept heartfelt wishes from our team. We would like to thank you for being with us all these years: years filled with words, inspiring images, and your presence. Aware that we are closing a certain chapter, we are opening towards the new. Grateful for the experience, we look forward to new adventures! 

Agata Kiedrowicz
PURO Mag editor-in-chief, passionate about writing, teaching, and designing - most eagerly for the senses

The new does not always come easily. I wish you openness and courage in discovering yourself and developing new, needed relationships with others and the world. May you find light, health and unconditional love – the foundation of all else.

Agnieszka Szydziak
Promoter of Wrocław’s food culture, journalist and food expert

May the resilience we have developed in 2020 let us grow into ourselves even more profoundly. Turn your eyes to what is undisputed and look for peace – you will find it at your thought’s length. Let’s stay healthy and happy in 2021!

photo: Mateusz Torbus

Kasia Pilitowska
Born and raised in Kraków, food activist, owner of two restaurants in the Krakow’s Kazimierz district

Strength and power are within us. In what we do for ourselves and others. A life in which we refuse to care for nature, the climate, and the planet makes no sense. Little steps must be taken if we want to make a huge change one day! Let’s care for the well-being of all animals, go vegan, and protect trees. May all we eat be delicious, made with love and respect for the natural. Let’s be attentive and tolerant. Let’s support one another. That is all I wish you at the dawn of a new year.

Marcin Markowicz
Translator and university lecturer

From the bottom of my heart I wish you the calmest of times. May there be no fear, but love and warmth. May the upcoming year be better to us all and let us enjoy the beauty of the world and others to the fullest.

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