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A hidden gem

Tucked away in the city centre, our hotel in Poznań is just a stone’s throw from the Old Town at Stawna 12, by the former Jewish quarter. A perfect base for sightseeing or business, with popular cafes, charming restaurants and hidden gardens just around the corner.

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    Old Town charm

    Poznań’s oldest neighbourhood, the Stare Miasto, was fully rebuilt after World War II. A mix of medieval and Renaissance architecture, it is home to the world-renowned Town Hall, plus the city’s main nightlife destinations.

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A city for everyone

Our city is a vibrant one, full of history and contrasts. A major business hub, Poznań hosts the country’s largest industry fair. It also inspires local creativity with two esteemed art schools – the University of the Arts and the School of Form. From the Market Square and Cathedral Island to the Gate of Poznań and the Imperial Castle, its cultural scene is complemented by a mix of cafes, bars and shops.