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Near the Vistula Boulevard

PURO Krakow Kazimierz stands right next to the Vistula River. Across the river we can see another district: Podgórze. The nearby Vistula boulevards have always been popular, but in recent years, owing to the new businesses and the footbridge, new life has sprung up all around the riverbanks. Krakow’s residents love relaxing, strolling, playing sports, and taking in cultural events in this area.

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    We're in Kazimierz

    Kazimierz is a district with a long and winding history; it is one of the most important and remarkable sites in Jewish history. In the Middle Ages it was a town unto itself, separated from Krakow by an arm of the Vistula that no longer exists. Not far from the hotel is, among other attractions, the Cricoteka Museum, a shopping mall, the City Hall at Wolnica Square, and Nowy Square, which is the center of night life, a fashionable spot filled with cafes, restaurants, and night life. 

Discover Kraków

A Thousand Years of History

This is a city of a thousand years’ history, the old capital of the country and the seat of the Polish rulers who resided in the Royal Wawel Castle. Krakow is brimming with works of art, historical memorabilia, and monuments representing practically every architectural style – from Medieval to contemporary.